A vision thing


In the UK we know we need more houses. Actually, we need a lot more houses. A serious amount of houses.


In 2012 the coalition government sought to bring fresh coherence and impetus to the local planning progress to aid delivery of new housing. The legislation brought in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).


All local authorities are required to develop planning strategies by early 2017 based on economic projections supplied by  central government that are compliant with the NPPF.   So far the process of adopting NPPF compliant plans has been slow and sporadic. On our doorstep, Guildford Borough Council plans to publish its draft plan by mid-2016 having already established its independently assessed housing need projections. Neighbouring Elmbridge awaits publication of the housing need study in the next few months. In some cases authorities cannot address all their own housing supply shortfall and rely upon neighbours to help under a 'duty to cooperate'.


We are focused on working with local authorities in areas of dynamic growth to meet these challenges. We recognise the need, research the best locations, develop a vision for what can be achieved and develop masterplans to demonstrate how it can work.


We talk to the Councils, we consult local residents and keep on doing this until our vision is refined into an attractive scheme that will deliver the housing that is needed in sustainable locations in a way that preserves the environment and local heritage. It isn't like falling off a log but takes a lot of hard work, talking to many stakeholders and listening.


We don't batter people's heads together but work in a collaborative way to get to the right result, a solution defined by the community for its own benefit. We are midwives, not bullies. We are excited to contribute to meeting housing need in a creative and quality way.

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