Bonnar Allan's goal is to look after the environment while providing much needed homes


Bonnar Allan designs and builds homes to meet the needs of contemporary life. Our approach is to design better homes than required by prevailing building regulations while constantly being careful to conserve natural habitats and protect both wildlife and natural features.


Bonnar Allan designs new developments to meet Environmental Policy


To regularly review Bonnar Allan operations, measure our existing environmental performance, and undertake environmental risk assessments, in order to approach planning and co-ordinate construction from a sound basis.


To comply with relevant legal requirements that apply to our operations.


To provide homes and built environments that help to preserve and protect the environment both locally and across the South East of England


To set goals in order to achieve continual improvements in Bonnar Allan’s environmental performance.


To raise environmental awareness with our employees, suppliers, consultants, contractors, homeowners and the public.


To work with architects, urban designers and master planners to help develop sustainable built environments with respect to lowering energy usage, managing water and effluent, encouraging outdoor activities and making travel as environmentally friendly as possible.

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Bonnar Allan Limited, Hill Place House, London SW19 5BA Office: 020 3865 4680