Bonnar Allan is creating partnerships to make a difference in strategic planning


The nature of strategic land promotion is such that it requires patience and a lot of risk capital. Bonnar Allan has expanded its capital base in 2016 to enable us to grow our team and commence new projects.


We are in the process of creating partnerships with two specialised funds management groups who are keen to fund specific projects with Bonnar Allan. Together these partnerships should bring c.£40 million to pursue possibly 10 projects in all. 


Building the Team


A growing financial base needs to be matched with a strong professional team. We approach this in two ways. We are already six people where we were only three six months ago. In six months’ time we expect to have a complement of about a dozen. 


Alongside this internal resource, we are building an ever stronger parallel team of professional consultants. These include planning consultants, WYG, Bidwells and WS Planning & Architecture, technical experts The Stilwell Partnership, public affairs advisors Chelgate Limited and  Consultants, architects and masterplanners LIME Associates and Canaway Fleming plus lawyers, DAC Beachcroft and Mundays.

Bonnar Allan Limited, Hill Place House, London SW19 5BA Office: 020 3865 4680