Bonnar Allan is young but has an established pedigree


Although Bonnar Allan is a young company set up specifically to undertake the Drake Park development, the individuals in the Bonnar Allan team are responsible for a significant number of other developments in the UK and across Europe.


Drake Park, Walton on Thames.


Bonnar Allan's first planning scheme is Drake Park (, a proposed development of just over 1,000 new homes to be built in a 147 acre parkland setting, complete with shops, doctors' surgery, dental practice and pharmacy. The development will include a primary school and an activity area with skate park, multi-court, football pitch, children's play areas and adult exercise equipment. The scheme delivers over 500 affordable homes to contribute to reducing the authority's housing waiting list. The company has committed to undertaking nearby road safety improvements, installing lifts at Hersham Station and building an extension to Esher High School to deliver six extra classrooms and a new home for the school's Design and Technology and Art departments

Bonnar Allan is committed to delivering the best, not what will 'just about do'


From the outset, Bonnar Allan has set out to deliver ‘good planning’ from which profit should follow. It is important to us that we work with the local community and local government to define what are the important deliverables in each locale and to seek to produce schemes that meet local needs and, when built, represent attractive places to live. We are determined to make our schemes environmentally friendly and to contribute in a significant way to meeting local housing need and provide the necessary infrastructure to support the existing and new communities.


This isn’t just words. On our first development we have agreed with Network Rail and South West Trains (the local operator) to contribute to facilitating step free access at Hersham station. We have agreed to extend the local Academy at the expense of the promoters to not only provide extra classrooms but also to improve the facilities for the Art and Design & Technology departments. It has been agreed to undertake Off-site road improvements to improve road safety in the local Community. In Lower Green it has been agreed to overhaul the Community Association facilities. This means building a new Community hall and upgrading the football pitch and replacing the children’s play area with 21st Century play equipment.


We are now working in the Borough of Guildford where we are offering to address a traffic blackspot by replacing a level crossing with a flyover. This is proposed in tandem with a significant urban extension to provide over 1,000 new homes towards meeting a recognised housing shortfall.  In Oxfordshire, we are designing a new station and Park and Ride facility to address current capacity constraints on a nearby major road junction and enable more people to commute to Oxford by train. We also plan to deliver nearly 3,000 new homes, some of which will be attractive to workers in the City of Oxford.


We work with architects to design houses that suit the local environment. In rural locations we will not allow urban style new homes simply because they are cheap to build. Where appropriate we are designing modern cottages that will look as though they were built a century or more earlier.

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